1st generation
(Apple - Zipper)
Large set(Lサイズ)154mm x 216mm

3000 Yen
2000 Yen for Students(生徒限定価格)

Small Set(Sサイズ) 60mm x 90mm

2000 Yen
1000 Yen for Students(生徒限定価格)

2nd generation Animals! (Anaconda - Zebu)
第2バージョン 動物

3rd generation (Alligator - Zombie)

Family家族, Chores 家事(家庭でのお手伝い, Feelings 感情, Weather 天気, Health Problems 健康状態/病気, Nationalities/Countries 国, Bedroom ベッドルーム(例:ベッド、ドレッサー、枕), Bathroom お風呂場, Buildings 建物 (例:家、教会), Clothes 洋服, Food 食べ物, school subjects 学校の科目、教科 (例:数学、英語 etc)

Large set(Lサイズ)154mm x 216mm

3000 Yen
2000 Yen for Students(生徒限定価格)

Small Set(Sサイズ) 60mm x 90mm

2000 Yen
1000 Yen for Students(生徒限定価格)

Audio cd

A collection of all the songs that will ever be used in my curriculum. 86 songs (Full versions and instrumentals)
カリキュラムの中で今までに使用した歌をまとめたenglish song コレクション. 86曲収録(通常版とカラオケ版を含む)

500 Yen


About my Cards:

Hi! I have recently had a new idea of making my flashcards for students to practice at home with thier families. The same cards as I use in my lesson. If you obtain these cards and use them properly at home. You will accel beyond other students who only practice English while in class. Many parents asked me for more homework, but what homework can you give a 3 year old, 4, 5, 6, year old?
こんにちは!! 最近僕は、お子様が家庭で家族と一緒に英語を学べる、練習用のフラッシュカードを作るアイディアを持ち続けていました。僕が授業で使っているものと同じカードです。これらのカードをご家庭でしっかりと活用いただくと、周りの授業でのみ英語を使うお子さんと比べて、飛躍的に英語を身につけられるでしょう。多くの保護者の方から、もっと宿題を出して欲しいという声を頂きました。しかし3歳から4,5,6歳の子供たちにどのような宿題を与えられるでしょうか?

This is JJ's solution to the homework problem. If my students practice the cards at home: alone or with parents (BEST), in as little as 5 minutes a day... Your English level will increase dramatically more than if you only came to my lesson once a week.

In my 7 years of teaching Eikaiwas, I have seen many flashcards through many English companies. I have found what works and what does not. If you are as passionate about learning as I am about teaching, then you will obtain the language very easily.
7年間の英会話レッスンの指導を通して、多くの会社で様々なフラッシュカード使用、見てきました。どんなカードが効果的なのか、また効果的ではないのかを経験してきました。 もし僕が英語を教えることと同じくらい、お子様が学ぶことが好きならば、英語の習得はとても簡単になります。

These cards are all handmade by me. I have worked as a graphic designer several times in my life, so I have put that to good use. Using photoshop, I design every detail in retrospect that if: I or others like myself, can look at it, the mental image must be instant in our minds to form a response.

The paper is cut and folded by myself, laminated, and banded together with a fat rubberband.

I hope that you have as much fun using the cards than I have had making them.

Yearly Schedule Magnet

Are you tired of keeping up with the paper printout of when your lesson is? Be tired NO LONGER! I have the ability to print the schedule on an A4 sized Magnet sheet and laminate it for you. You can keep it on your refrigerator, or any other metal surface. Never miss a lesson again!
レッスン予定表の紙をまとめるのに嫌気がさしていませんか?そのもうその心配はありません! あなたのスケジュールをA4サイズのマグネットシートに印刷してラミネート加工します。

Students only:(生徒限定)
1000 yen

Glass bottle incense burners:

As a child, my uncle had a passion for the art of stained glass work. He taught me the craft of turning an old green wine bottle into a beautiful piece of art. By cleaning the bottle, and then drilling holes in the sides, then putting your incence in a keyring... after your incense is lit and you put it upside down into the bottle... the bottle circulates air and exchanges oxygen for smoke, and smoke for oxygen. The result is a "genie in a bottle effect" that will both look amazing and make your house smell wonderful!

2000 Yen (Please give me 2 weeks to make it)

Also as a child, my father (1958 - 2007) would etch designs in glass. Usually for friends, and customers, he would cut the designs into people's car windows. The customers NEVER stopped coming. They loved my father's craft and always came to our house to get more things designed. My father passed that knowledge onto me. Our heritage is half Native American, so we use many tribal designs. Please take a look at some of the work I have done in the pictures below.



Starting with October 2012's Newsletter, there will be an area where you can make your order. Find what items that you would like on the website, fill out the form on the newsletter, cut out the form with scissors, and return the form along with the money inside of the monthly tuition envelope.

Ordering for non-students:

Please contact me at 080-4155-4200, or email at and we can arrange meeting times and payment plans.
以下の連絡先にご連絡ください   電話 080-4155-4200

Thank you!