Basic Questions:

These are vital to English conversation.

At a beginning level, only the answers to the questions are taught and rehearsed through drills.

As the student progresses, he/she will be taught how to ask the questions.

Here are some basics: (more will be added later)

Q. "What's your name?" A. "My name is ____"

Q. "How old are you?" A. "I'm __ years old."

Q. "Where do you live?" A. "I live in ___"

Q. "What ___ do you like?" A. "I like ___ ____." (the "__" in the question and the 2nd "___" in the answer correspond to a variety of things) (for example: onigiri, ice cream, candy, ramen, juice, etc)

As stated before, these are vital to English conversation.

Good luck!