Colors and Shapes:


Only basic colors are taught.

Red, blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, orange, black, and white.

After repeating after me, a game is played where students have 5 seconds to touch something in the room which corresponds to the color spoken by me.

More advanced students will delight in saying a color and counting 5 seconds as I attempt to run and touch the color.



Only basic shapes are taught:

Circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, star, square, and diamond.

The method is just to repeat the shapes after I say them, twice.

More advanced students will be repeating chants like "(shape name), draw a (shape name).

Then I will draw the shape on the white board.

Even more advanced students will be taught "erase a ___" ...

Over time, the students will be able to tell each other what shapes to draw and what to erase.